The FAFNIR management has decided to extend the Easter holiday period by two days. This exceptional situation means that FAFNIR will not be reachable to its customers and suppliers from 09th April until 14th April. We will be back in the office on the 15th of April. This decision has been made so that our associates have an opportunity to recover from the recent stress caused by the difficult situation we are all facing. There will not be any limitations in the operations and output of our production lines because of this extended holiday period.
06 Apr, 2020
statement on corona
We are constantly observing developments in the spread of the Coronavirus and the resulting illness (COVID19) very closely and complying with the latest directives from leading government and health authorities so that we can be sure of initiating promptly any and all measures that are required for the protection of our associates and customers. Production at FAFNIR Hamburg site continues in virtually all areas, and the factory doors remain open to our associates and temporary employees. At this time, our supplies of raw materials are classified non-critical and we have sufficient…
26 Mar, 2020
Important Announcement
FAFNIR GmbH Hamburg takes the situation very seriously. In order to prevent the spread of corona virus in the facilities of FAFNIR GmbH, Hamburg, the company has implemented strict guidelines for business trips to and from and within risky countries such as China, South Korea and Italy. In addition, all travelling employees - whether on business or private who cannot avoid a stopover in risky countries are instructed to work in the home office for a period of two weeks after their return. In addition, extensive precautionary measures apply to visitors to the facilities. As of today, we…
13 Mar, 2020
CSR images
In keeping with this thought, Fafnir GmbH has launched today a project for the support of the SMALLEST ones among us. Fafnir GmbH believes that it has a moral obligation to make a positive contribution for the well-being of society, the workforce and the environment. Our book donation made the children in the “Martin Luther King” kindergarten in Hamburg Steilshoop very happy.
24 Feb, 2020
We are pleased to announce the current resolution of the BLAK UmwS from the 38th meeting of 21.01.2020 regarding our separator monitoring system COMS (extract): "The Bund-Länder-Arbeitskreis Umweltschutz (BLAK UmwS) considers the monitoring system "COMS" as a technical possibility to be installed in existing light liquid separator systems ... for measuring the sludge, oil and water levels." This resolution is yet another milestone for COMS to be considered as a possible equivalent for controls carried out by individuals*. To learn more about the resolution please click here* To find…
24 Feb, 2020
Logi X
LOGI-X is set to be eliminated from our product portfolio following a process of discontinued components. There will be no direct replacement for this product, however we will continue to provide the entire range of our TORRIX and Overfill prevention products which can be used for a wide range of different applications in the laboratory, and which can also be customized to better fit customers’ requirements. In the mid-term, we will continue to provide technical support for existing LOGI-X customers. To find out more about our products, contact us at or visit our…
05 Nov, 2019
NB 220
As some of the components of our transducer type NB 220 QS (part no: 902330 and 904501) have been discontinued, we are removing the NB 220 QS transducer from our product portfolio. The NB 220 QS will be directly replaced by our NB 220 QSF. This transducer provides the same functionality as the NB 220 QS with potential-free contacts. You can choose between our NB 220 QSF 230 V (part no. 908400) and our NB 220 QSF 24 V AC/DC (part no. 908508). In the mid-term, we will continue to provide technical support for existing NB 220 QS customers. To find out more about our products, contact…
20 Sep, 2019
MEORGA Landshut
We are happy to announce our participation in MEORGA Südost – 2019 exhibition in Landshut on the 23rd of October at Niedermayerstrasse 100. MEORGA Südost is one of the important exhibitions for the process industry in Germany and is being exhibited by more than 150 companies. This exhibition attracts attention of several OEM companies, EPC’s, multiple vendors and customers from across Europe. Kindly pay a visit to our booth A7 and you will be able to see our highly reliable TORRIX level sensor and self-testing LS300/LS500 overfill prevention sensors working live! We are looking…
21 Aug, 2019
HSSE Certificate
We are proud to share our recently updated health and safety certificate according to the ISO 45001:2018 standard. As stated by ISO, 45001:2018 is applicable to … organization that wishes to establish, implement and maintain an OH&S management system to improve occupational health and safety, eliminate hazards and minimize OH&S risks (including system deficiencies), take advantage of OH&S opportunities, and address OH&S management system nonconformities associated with its activities. That is another important step for FAFNIR on the way of constant HSSE improvement.
17 Jun, 2019