Company History

Company History

Innovation with tradition

FAFNIR GmbH was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1965 by the Sager family and designs and manufactures sensors and control systems for process automation market.

FAFNIR is named after Fafnir the dragon taken from the Nibelungen saga. Like its namesake, FAFNIR GmbH continually watches over its greatest treasure: the satisfaction of its customers and the quality of its products. As a result this traditional company enjoys an enviable reputation for innovative, high quality products matched to high levels of customer service.

The first product designed and manufactured by FAFNIR was an oil burner. This was followed by a safety device to prevent the overfilling of tanks and process tanks; an innovation that set the trend for future FAFNIR products. What began back in Hamburg as a regional operating company has now evolved into an internationally recognised company with global reach.

FAFNIR today is known worldwide for the design and manufacture of high precision level measurement devices for the petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

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