The product MOXA NPort 5110 is being discontinued from our product portfolio with immediate effect. There will be no direct replacements available for this product. To learn more about our products, contact us at or visit our website. We will be glad to assist you with all the necessary information.
26 Jul, 2022
Price Increase
We are writing today to inform you that the sharp increases in prices imposed by our own suppliers leaves us no choice but to raise prices for our customers as well as of 01/08/2022. The price raises will vary according to the type of device. This action, while regrettable, is essential if we are to secure the reliability of supply chains. As is the case for almost everyone, we currently receive notifications of price increases from our long-standing suppliers and partners on a more or less daily basis. In recent months, this situation has brutally exposed the vulnerability of supply…
25 Jul, 2022
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From the beginning of 2022, FAFNIR has invested in highly efficient lighting systems for the production halls. These lighting systems not only provides better illumination to the workstations but also helps in saving energy and reducing emissions. Since April.2022, we have already saved 13,404 KWh of energy and reduced CO2 emissions by 5 tons. To find more information about our steps please contact us at
11 Jul, 2022
Effective immediately, the high-pressure connection housing HPH Ex d is being discontinued from our product portfolio. There will be no direct replacements for this product, but we will be offering our new product TORRIX XTS with an integrated LCD display which can fit the customer needs for local display. In the mid-term, we will continue to provide technical support for the existing HPH Ex d customers. If you still need this equipment, you can submit a final order to us prior to the date shown below. We will be glad to answer any questions and help you in any way we can. Please speak to…
11 Jul, 2022
The countdown begins to Europe’s biggest trade fair for the retail petroleum industry. Experience our innovations up close at UNITI expo on stand 5C50 to discover a new era in sensor and level measurement technology. Save the date: Tuesday 17th – Thursday 19th May 2022, Stuttgart Messe The team is preparing to deliver one of our most memorable events yet, showcasing the latest solutions from wetstock management to process automation technologies designed to increase peace of mind and save time and money. Let us know you're coming: If you need to book a entry…
06 May, 2022
As of today, a new version of SECON has been released for download for the SECON-Server and SECON-Client. SECON-Server version SECON-Client version These new versions can be downloaded by the SECON Server administrators and installed on the respective Server/Clients. However, the prerequisite is that an update to Debian 10 should have already been performed. Advantages of New version: Bug fixes Static leakage control Extended tank details with more values for LPG tanks To learn more please visit our website or contact us at
01 Feb, 2022
It is with great pleasure we communicate to all our partners and customers that FAFNIR has been certified as a consumer of 100% renewable energy. This indicates that all the electricity consumed at FAFNIR comes only from renewable energy sources. In addition, the consumed electricity has been produced in a CO2-neutral manner. This step from us in contributing towards a Green and Carbon neutral environment will be followed by more measures. To learn more about the certificate please click here.
04 Jan, 2022
Dear Customers and Business Partners, Owing to the ongoing situation on the raw materials market, we have been notified of further price adjustments from our suppliers for the raw materials we use. In the meantime, the situation has come to such a point that we are no longer able to compensate for these cost increases and must raise our prices for the SEPARIX product range by 8.7 percent as of 01 January 2022. Orders with usual quantities and within usual delivery times will still be confirmed at the previous prices. The supply situation is likely to remain tight in 2022 and to vary…
13 Dec, 2021
As a result of our product portfolio optimization, the VISY-View printer is now being discontinued from our product range. There is no direct replacement for this product. The integrated printer for VISY-Command GUI and VISY-Command Web are still available. In the mid-term, we will continue to provide technical support for existing VISY-View printer customers. To learn more about our products please visit our website or contact us at We will be happy to assist you with all the necessary information.
22 Oct, 2021