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Oil & non Oil 2018 - Ci vediamo lì!
Oil & non OIL - S&TC is one of the main European exhibitions for oil and gas industryincluding fuel retail, alternative fuels, commercial and transport sectors. This year the fair will be held from 9th until 11th of October in Verona and will attract the key players on the regional and European markets. We are happy to announce that FAFNIR will be a part of the exhibition. We will not ontly share the insights of latest products to our customers and partners, but also present the SECON-X fuel management system that can work as locally-based server solution. To find out the...
MEORGA Bochum Exhibition 2018
MEORGA is one of the most important German exhibitions for Process industry and is held few times per year. This year FAFNIR will participate on the exhibition in Bochum on 10th of October. During the exhibition we will be happy to show our core products for Process industry: Quality and accurate level measurement sensor - TORRIX Highly reliable and customizable overfill prevention system – LS300/LS500 You can find us at the booth number B10. To find out the details about exhibition or request further information about products, contact us at marketing@fafnir.de...
Condensate Separator - End of life
Hereby we are announcing that the Condensate Separator for vapour reocvery systems will not be anymore produced soon. This decision is driven by the current market demand however we can assure that FAFNIR will continue developing the VAPORIX and other solutions to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations for now and in future. To find out more about our products, contact us at marketing@fafnir.de or visit our website. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.
O2-PID: roll-out of overfill prevention sensors!
We are happy to announce the latest project for our O2-PID sensors! The project kicked off last month in the Nordics and soon local customers will have the chance to experience all the features of our reliable cross-over and overfill prevention sensors for gas stations. If you are also interested in minimizing the risks of overfill and cross-over, please contact us at marketing@fafnir.de or visit our website. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.
Incoming update to Vapor Recovery Legislation: how to sustain your business in Germany!
Referring to the latest information from Bundesverband Behalterschutz e.V., from January 2019 a further development to vapour recovery legislation will be applied in Germany. Any companies not complying with the latest legislation are at risk! Fortunately, FAFNIR customers can still enjoy total peace of mind: our current certification for our VAPORIX vapor recovery system is fully compliant with the new regulations and is approved for use with all types of vapour recovery systems. Would you like to learn more about how to comply with the upcoming changes? Please contact us at...
Introducing VISY-Flex probes with up to 31 temperature sensors
VISY-Stick Temp
At FAFNIR we are committed to developing our solutions to make them more reliable, accurate and valuable for our customers. We are pleased to announce the recent development of our VISY-Flex probe. From Q4 you can order the brand new VISY-Stick Temp, with a temperature measurement chain featuring up to 31 integrated sensors! This solution has an extremely accurate temperature measurement capability of up to +-0,1C, which is proven to be very important for managing the fuel level of tall tanks. The VISY-Stick Temp makes the perfect addition to the highly accurate level reading offered...
Enhanced oil separator alarm (SEPARIX) functionality
Oil and light fluids present a huge danger potential for ground and waste water. With the latest updates to the SEPARIX alarm system, FAFNIR are able to offer leading edge sensor technology, to alert you of these dangers in good time. The updates include integration with the VISY-X system, so now data can be visualized in the VISY-Command, and can even be sent to the POS system. To find out more about this or any of our products, contact us at info@fafnir.de or visit our website. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.
FAFNIR video blog on YouTube!
In order to help you in your daily business and increase the efficiency of your operations we are happy to announce that in August we will relaunch our YouTube video blog. Click here to stay tuned and follow the FAFNIR YouTube channel!
FAFNIR are broadening horizons
FAFNIR are broadening horizons
We are pleased to announce that we are broadening geographic horizons with the launch of the first FAFNIR project in Armenia, with the VISY-X system. It is a great pleasure to work with our local partner, Navta Technology Ltd, and we look forward to giving our new potential customers the opportunity to experience the highly reliable and maintenance-free FAFNIR sensors and systems. Welcome to the FAFNIR family!
FAFNIR at UNITI expo 2018 in Stuttgart!
section.block#main-content-wrapper .node.node-news .field-name-field-news-image img { width: 280px; height: auto!important; margin: 20px 10px 25px 0px; } It was a really enjoyable 3 days at UNTI expo 2018! Interesting meetings, experienced professionals and an evening event with live music and fireworks definitely made it the days to remember! It was a great pleasure to meet everybody who visited our booth. If you didn’t have the chance to join us, we are always here and happy to answer your questions. Please contact us at info@fafnir.com and we will be happy to...