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FAFNIR and 3A WASSERTECHNIK – Strategic partnership
We are extremely pleased to notify that our COMS (Continuous Oil separator Monitoring System) is now connected to 3A WASSERTECHNIK’s ABKW separator 3A-rhombic. This integration provides the customer with the opportunity to eliminate the visual monthly self-checks required on their Oil-Separator in petrol stations. COMS continuously measures the oil layer thickness and sludge height and provides real-time data at your site, PC, smartphone etc. Our COMS system has been recognized by several Governmental bodies (such as Bavarian state office for the environment, Federal and State working...
TORRIX RS485 now with MODBUS RTU protocol!
The TORRIX RS485 probe is now available with the MODBUS RTU protocol which expands the probes compatibility with various automation controllers. Advantages for customers with MODBUS RTU: Easy installation and configuration Instantaneous integration into various control and automation systems Reliable communication between automation devices Data access and interoperability with devices from different manufacturers The TORRIX RS485 is a highly accurate probe and can be used across a multitude of sophisticated level measurement applications. Enhanced functionality...
O²-PID animation video
We are happy to share with our customers and partners the animation video for the O2-PID system. The O2-PID is an optical safety device installed in a petrol station for preventing threats such as tank overfilling, improper hose connection and product mixing during fuel delivery. The O2-PID is the adequate system to eliminate environmental pollution and increase operation efficiency. The animation video clearly explains the important functions served by the O2-PID and how it can help you to eliminate unfavourable effects such as environmental pollution, Health & Safety risks (...
ME 5 – End of Support and Repairs
ME 5
Please note that the technical support for the ME 5 in terms of repair and service will be provided only until the 30th Nov. 2021 In exchange for your ME 5, we are pleased to offer our overfill prevention sensor testing device ME 6. To find out more about ME 6 please click here or contact us at marketing@fafnir.de We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.
Time Out For Safety Training!
As part of our programme to keep the entire Fafnir team safe as we head into December, we began yesterday a comprehensive safety training programme (observing all distancing and hygiene requirements) to acquaint the colleagues with the most important measures to be taken when providing care to the victims of an accident. Providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees and partners in all our business operations is an important issue for us, especially in these difficult times caused by COVID-19.
Cooperation between Fafnir GmbH and the EVANGELICAL DAY CARE CENTRE Martin Luther King in Hamburg Steilshoop
The Martin Luther King Evangelical Day-care Centre is nominated for the German Childcare Award 2021 More than 1,200 day-care centres and local alliances for early education have applied for the German Childcare Award 2021. The Martin Luther King Evangelical Day-care Centre is one of the 25 nominees in the category "Day-care Centre of the Year" and is thus one step closer to a trophy and prize money of 25,000 or 10,000 euros. https://edwin-scharff-ring.eva-kita.de/start.html
Statement on COVID measures and commitment to customers
We are still operating and continue to be at your service! The health and protection of our customers and our employees are very important to us and we are doing everything possible to slow down the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Germany. Below is some information about the current situation at FAFNIR GmbH Hamburg. Questions and answers about the present situation What precautionary measures has FAFNIR GmbH introduced? We are doing everything within our power to protect our employees as best as possible. We provide them comprehensive information regarding all...
LS 300 Tantalum version – END OF LIFE
LS 300 Tantalum version
The LS300 Tantalum version is now being discontinued from our product range due to a process of portfolio optimization. This product will not have any direct replacements, but we will continue to provide the complete range of the LS 300 sensors which can be customized in terms of size, shape and material to better fit the customers requirements. In the mid-term, we will continue to provide technical support for existing LS 300 Tantalum customers. To learn more about our products, contact us at marketing@fafnir.de or visit our website. We will be glad to assist you with all the...
At the end of August, twelve colleagues from the FAFNIR team were pleased to come together to participate in our annual “Day of caring” event to contribute to the Hamburg community and the local environment. The team spent a day picking up trash and cleaning the streets and canals around the Hamburg Alster area. Despite the terrible weather conditions, the team enjoyed this constructive day together and showed their dedication and engagement which made a strong impression in the minds of many neighbourhood residents. We will always be committed to a clean environment and continue...
ISO 14001:2015 certificate
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Environmental management is one of the important aspects for the FAFNIR Business in all areas such as production, operations etc., We are delighted to announce that our company has been successfully certified according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard (Environmental Management system) This certificate ensures that FAFNIR complies with the conservation of resources, avoidance or reduction of wastes, disposal or recycling of materials and equipment etc. To learn more about the certificate please here section.block#main-content-wrapper .node.node-news .field-name-field-news-image img...