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FAFNIR Extends Process Product Portfolio
FAFNIR GmbH has extended their product portfolio to offer solutions including level, pressure and temperature measurement for the processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Application highlight for Interface layer measurement. Traditionally, FAFNIR GmbH manufacture level measurement products for the processing industry which are renowned for their leading reliability and accuracy. FAFNIR recognize the customer and prospect need for a full solution from one trusted supplier, to fulfil simple to the most complex of measurement requirements. The product portfolio...
GOST-R Certification Announcement
FAFNIR GmbH is pleased to announce their leading Magnetostrictive Level Sensors range; TORRIX and TORRIX Ex have received the Russian GOST-R certification. This enables FAFNIR and its partners to provide the TORRIX and TORRIX Ex level sensors to Russia without the need for specific approval of each installation, resulting in the delivery of FAFNIR renowned, high quality product and service, without past complications. About TORRIX The most adaptable and versatile level sensor in the FAFNIR range, TORRIX can be used across a multitude of the most complicated level measurements...
FAFNIR GmbH recently showcased a range of its leading products and solutions at the Tankstelle & Mittelstand exhibition earlier this year in May, the bi-annual trade fair for petrol station equipment and consumer goods. FAFNIR exhibited a range of products including SECON-X; the web enabled services which enables data collection using a universal data platform for the fuelling station, with the option of remote access via any web enabled device, with the ability to store up to 10 years’ worth of site data, accessible anytime, anywhere. The web platform was demonstrated on stand....
For our products VISY-Command GUI and VISY-ViewTouch a new application-software (V 1_4_2) is available.
VISY-ViewTouch (Truck-Driver Display)
To enable easy use of VISY-ViewTouch as Truck-Driver Display, a USB-Input Module (Part-No. 900149) can be retrofitted also from the beginning ordered. The USB-Input Module allows connecting customized button-switch.
The sensor for GPL VISY-Stick LPG can be ordered also from now with 1“- BUNA float for small tank entries.
To configure the Measurement Analysis Unit VISY-Command a new software (V 4.5.2) is available: Download und Software.
SECON-X is a new product line from FAFNIR, which is used for data collection. It is a universal data platform for the filling station, with the option of remote access via web interface. SECON-Vap is a part of the product line SECON-X and is used for evaluation and visualisation for the VAPORIX system. The globally established VAPORIX system from FAFNIR monitors and evaluates the vapour recovery function at the fuel pumps. The TFT colour screen of the SECON system at the forecourt displays the status of the VAPORIX system. All functions are accessible using the touch screen user...
Managing liquids in your laboratory
Are you looking for a reliable way to control your laboratory systems safely and effectively? Would you like to be reliably informed about the contents of your containers? Should your high cost experiments and analyses be under continuous control? Is the safety of your employees, your company and the environment of great concern to you? For more information, please see new laboratory in our brochure or contact us at: E-Mail: labortechnik@fafnir.de Phone: +49/40/39 82 07-87
TUHH student the winner of the FAFNIR Prize 2012
Christian Deselaers is the winner of the FAFNIR Prize 2012. The 24-year-old graduate engineer from the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) received the award, which includes a cash prize of €1500, on Friday, 16 March 2012. The prize was presented by Dr Wolfgang Schrittenlacher, FAFNIR GmbH associate, in the presence of Dr Arne Jacob, Dean of Electro-technology, Information Technology and Mathematics at the TUHH, during an awards ceremony. Christian Deselaers, who was born in Hamburg, developed an innovative pulse oximeter for simultaneous measurement of the oxygen...