Fafnir News

IECEx approval for VAPORIX
This VAPORIX is authorized now also in other parts of the world, for example in Australia and New Zealand.
The universal device has three inputs and can process alarm or status signals of all devices but FAFNIR output signals including devices from other manufacturers. This allows messages to be routed to the example of overfill protection, level sensors, separators or by e-mail or fax in a central office or as an SMS to a mobile phone. The user can adjust the speakers so that the message sent is one, or at intervals. Then the alarm sent out with regular repetition, until the error corrected on site wurde.Mit the SMS box can receive as alerts flexible. In addition, it also offers the ability to...
The tank gauging system VISY-X optimizes automatic monitoring of the wet stocks and helps to improve and cost reduce the logistics. At petrol stations without ducting available the wireless version of VISY-X is the recommended solution. With the new VISY-RFT module the tank data is wirelessly transmitted to the conversion VISY-Command RF that has been fitted with the suitable receiver. VISY-X RF is compatible to all VISY-X components and very easy to install. The battery’s life time is very long.
The magnetostrictive sensor with a Buna floater and a special screw-in unit is especially designed for the use in liquid gas. The VISY-X system consists of 1-16 VISY-Stick and the conversion system VISY-Command. The software VISY-Monitor and/or VISY-Tank for visualizing and managing the tank data are optional.
NEW: VISY-Output 4
VISY-Output 4 serves as a link between the tank level gauge VISY-X and external safety equipment or alarm indicators. Each of the 4 relays can me mapped to different alarm conditions detected by the tank level gauge VISY-X. As VISY-Output 4 has its own housing it can be installed at the position where it is needed. The connection to the tank level gauge VISY-X is done by a cost-efficient two-wire cable.
Continuous Level Measurement Sensor for electrically conductive liquids The new CONDURIX sensor from FAFNIR supplies information on filling levels of tanks. As a continuous level measurement or separating layer measurement it creates quality assurance and safety in the process. Application and Function The sensor CONDURIX is especially designed for use in continuous filling level measurement or continuous separating layer coverage in all electrically conductive liquids of ≥1 µS/cm. The sensor works according to the potentiometric measuring principle. By means of the micro-...
NEW: VISY Monitor
The software VISY-Monitor offers the following features: the representation of all relevant tank data, the possibility of automatic calibration of tanks, an optimal shrinkage rate control and recording of history data.
Overfill Prevention Sensor
The FAFNIR Overfill Prevention Sensor GWG Type 83 UV, UVT Type 84, Type 81-D Ex may now be used as part of an overfill prevention system in the storage tanks with ethanol blends up to E85.
FAFNIR GmbH in Hamburg has developed with the Field Display UM-X a product, that can do both: continuously display of liquid level and protect against overfilling. So that the company responds to increased demand for a "stand alone" instrument for process and storage tanks. FAFNIR GmbH develops and produces in Hamburg for over 40 years, filling level sensors, overfill prevention devices, limit signal controls and continuous level measurement for liquids of all kinds. The close and trusting cooperation with customers is an essential factor for the practical implementation of innovative...
Double is better!
SEPARIX, the alarm system for light liquid made by FAFNIR warns operator of separator twice: once before reaching the maximum layer thickness and again before the dangerous confine the liquid level in the separator.