Level measurement, including environmental protection

The VISY-X system supplies not only level information of tanks, but also features a range of components from the field of environmental sensors.

As an electronic dip system the VISY-X tank level gauge improves cost efficiency and logistics at petrol stations as well as being designed  to protect humans and the environment.

Its integrated water detection function makes an additional crucial contribution to quality assurance. Optionally, it offers real-time volume and leakage monitoring. Its support of remote data transfer makes it a high quality resource management tool.

Advantages of FAFNIR's Technology

Greatest Precision:

Extreme exactness based on the magnetostrictive measuring principle

Economically Attractive:

Low-cost commissioning and connection to many point of sale systems for simple scheduling

Dependable and flexible:

Maintenance-free use for all fuels common in trade

Worldwide Approval:



Equipment Type Automatic tank gauge, Leak prevention system, Wetstock management service, Alarm system for oil separators, Measurement unit, Software, Dry run protection
Vessel Underground Storage Tank, Overground Storage Tank, Bulk Tank, Oil Separator, Tank Interstitial, Tank Sump, Double Walled Pipes
Certification None, ATEX, IECEx, Ex i
Signal output Modbus ASCII (RS485), Relay, Veeder Root Protocol, H protocol, FAFNIR Protocol, Web Access
Power Supply 110 VAC, 230 VAC
Additional criteria Offers extra-high accuracy, For low ceiling height, Has display, Has printer, For pressure applications, For system integration