VISY-Density Module

Highly Precise Density Measurement Module

The density measurement module VISY-Density determines the density of fuels. It can be mounted on the VISY-Stick, eliminating the need for an additional sensor. Used in combination with the density measurement module, VISY-Stick provides extremely exact information about product fill level, water level, product temperature and product density in the tank.

  • Continuous measurement of density without hysteresis
  • Function in combination with the fill level sensor VISY-Stick
  • Quality control of the fuels


Liquid Diesel / Heating Oil, Petrol, LPG, Oil
Vessel Underground Storage Tank, Overground Storage Tank, Bulk Tank, Tank Sump
Temperature -40.00 °C up to 85.00 °C
Certification None
Additional criteria Offers extra-high accuracy