VISY-Command WEB

VISY-Command WEB
VISY-Command GUI

VISY-Command GUI

Measurement Analysis with Graphic Display

VISY-Command GUI includes the intrinsically safe electric current of the VISY-Stick probes and their measurement analysis and provides up-to-date data at any time via various interfaces. The integrated display unit with the 5.7" colour touch screen provides and displays the current measurement values and the reporting functions in a user-friendly form.

  • Attachment of as many as 3 different sensors to one connection
  • Up-to-date overview of tank contents using graphic display
VISY Command Web

VISY-Command Web

The control unit with integrated SECON-X functionality for worldwide access to your data

The VISY-Command Web is a universal measurement evaluation unit for petrol stations with optional remote access via encrypted and secure internet interface. With internet-capable devices such as smartphones, PCs or tablets, real-time data is available at any time. The graphic user interface of the VISY-Command Web displays tank levels and alarms graphically. Wet stocks, deliveries and leakages can be viewed both locally and via secure VPN access at any time.

  • Local client-side server guarantees strong data protection
  • Standardized data format (XML)
  • Hierarchical data access enables company-specific access rights
VISY-View Touch

VISY-View Touch

Display for operation with the tank content measurement system VISY-X

VISY-View Touch is a display designed for operation with the tank content measurement system VISY-X. It is a visualisation system and working platform for the management of the tank contents at the filling station.

  • Constant overview of the tank contents at the filling station
  • Convenient tank content visualisation with useful supplemental data
  • Display of tank contents in litres
  • Display of product temperature and water level


Equipment Type Wetstock management service, Vapor recovery monitoring, Alarm system for oil separators, Measurement unit