On time alarm to protect the environment

The SEPARIX water leak detection system is the ideal sensor to warn operators about the risks of contaminating ground and waste water by oil and light fluids. It is particularly suitable for petrol, mineral oil components and oil from plant and animal origins.

The separation layer sensor SEPARIX-C can be used for detecting changes in layer thickness and the level sensor SEPARIX-T provides the optimum monitoring and safeguarding of all separators. The alarm is signalled visually and audibly by the control unit SEPARIX-Control.

Advantages of FAFNIR's Technology

Modular system

With separation layer sensor and retention sensor

Flexible and safe

Can be used in all oil and volatile liquid separators ATEX approval for Zone 0

Simple operation

Functional test of internal and external alarm system by pressing a button

Simple installation

Compact design without any mechanically moving parts


Equipment Type Overfill prevention
Liquid Diesel / Heating Oil Oil
Vessel Oil Separator
Certification None