Typ FP 903 / 907 ASS K

Typ FP 903 / 907 ASS K


For QSS and ASS

The product regognition QSS is a device to prevent the mixing of fuels or other liquids during the filling of a storage or bunker tank from a road tanker.

The filling hose safety device ASS monitors the correct connection of the filling hose to such tanks. The FAFNIR QSS/ASS solutions consist of a plug on the tank and a coupling on the road tanker.

Advantages of FAFNIR's Technology

Proven millions of times

Measuring principle functions reliably under the most difficult conditions

Completely maintenance-free

Robust design without moving parts

Internationally certified

In Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden


Approved in accordance with ATEX, TRbF 511 and TRbF 512


Liquid Diesel / Heating Oil, Petrol, LPG, LNG, Oil
Vessel Underground Storage Tank, Overground Storage Tank, Bulk Tank, Oil Separator, Tank Interstitial, Tank Sump, Double Walled Pipes, Road Tanker
Certification None