For safety during tank filling

The filling safety device prevents overfilling of storage tanks and bunker tanks when they are filled by tank trucks with petrol, diesel and heating oils. It comprises an overfill prevention sensor inside the tank and a repeater with an actuator inside the tank truck.

The QSS-/ASS connection valve is part of a security system. Here the hose connection to the tanker is checked and the mixing of products caused by incorrect connection during the tank filling is prevented.

Advantages of FAFNIR's Technology

Proven millions of times

Measuring principle functions reliably under the most difficult conditions

Completely maintenance-free

Robust design without moving parts

Internationally certified

In Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden


Approved in accordance with ATEX, TRbF 511 and TRbF 512


Equipment Type Overfill prevention
Liquid Diesel / Heating Oil, Petrol, LPG, LNG, Oil
Vessel Underground Storage Tank, Overground Storage Tank, Bulk Tank
Certification None