Statement on the outbreak of Coronavirus

Important Announcement

FAFNIR GmbH Hamburg takes the situation very seriously. In order to prevent the spread of corona virus in the facilities of FAFNIR GmbH, Hamburg, the company has implemented strict guidelines for business trips to and from and within risky countries such as China, South Korea and Italy. In addition, all travelling employees - whether on business or private who cannot avoid a stopover in risky countries are instructed to work in the home office for a period of two weeks after their return.

In addition, extensive precautionary measures apply to visitors to the facilities.

As of today, we have no reports of any cases of coronavirus at FAFNIR GmbH Hamburg.

At this time, we can say that our supplies of raw material are not critical.

We currently have enough material in stock to maintain our level of production.

Our purchasing, production and logistics departments are hard at work implementing smart conditions in production capacities so that we can avoid any delays in delivery times wherever necessary and possible.

We assume that the situation there will also improve further in the coming weeks.

The top management of the Group and our FAFNIR Management Team are in constant exchange of information in order to discuss and defuse problematic situations. FAFNIR GmbH Hamburg takes all available measures to keep the impact on customers, suppliers and employees as low as possible.

We would like to thank all contributors and participants for their support in these difficult times.