GOST-R Certification Announcement

FAFNIR GmbH is pleased to announce their leading Magnetostrictive Level Sensors range; TORRIX and TORRIX Ex have received the Russian GOST-R certification. This enables FAFNIR and its partners to provide the TORRIX and TORRIX Ex level sensors to Russia without the need for specific approval of each installation, resulting in the delivery of FAFNIR renowned, high quality product and service, without past complications.


The most adaptable and versatile level sensor in the FAFNIR range, TORRIX can be used across a multitude of the most complicated level measurements applications. Users benefit from quick and easy installation, proven reliability and simple troubleshooting. With its highly precise magnetostrictive measuring principle, TORRIX achieves outstanding accuracy of up to ±0.3mm, amongst the very best in its class. Visit our website to find out more about FAFNIR Level Measurement:

TORRIX Level Measurement Sensor

To find out more about the certification, please contact the FAFNIR GmbH Approvals Department contact: Martin Ostermann:-


FAFNIR prides itself on providing the highest-quality solutions to all its customers, regardless of application complexity and size. After trading for approximately 45 years, driving industry innovation, and listening to our customers and their requirements, we are pleased to present FAFNIR’s German-made, high-precision and quality products for the petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries ranging from automatic tank level gauging, level measurement, overfill prevention to vapour recovery solutions.

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