FAFNIR Extends Process Product Portfolio

FAFNIR GmbH has extended their product portfolio to offer solutions including level, pressure and temperature measurement for the processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Application highlight for Interface layer measurement.

Traditionally, FAFNIR GmbH manufacture level measurement products for the processing industry which are renowned for their leading reliability and accuracy. FAFNIR recognize the customer and prospect need for a full solution from one trusted supplier, to fulfil simple to the most complex of measurement requirements. The product portfolio now includes level, pressure and temperature measurement devices that can be used in a multitude of applications including:

  • Chemical and petrochemical environments
  • Process engineering
  • Machinery and tank construction
  • Plant engineering
  • Pilot Plants

Through partnering with other leading companies FAFNIR GmbH are now able to offer customers not just quality products, but quality solutions. FAFNIR ensure exceptional flexibility to ensure each industrial and OEM application measurement needs are met.

"FAFNIR is always striving to fulfil customer needs and to find a solution for applications in level or interface level measurement. Over the last year it has become clear that our customers are looking for a complete solution for their measurement needs from one source. By adding temperature and pressure sensors to our portfolio, we can now offer the same variation and flexibility as with our level sensors. We have started our journey in becoming a full solutions provider for the processing idustry." Says Martin Dumling, FAFNIR Product Manager, Process.

To support this launch, a new brochure has been produced to demonstrate the value of the level, pressure and temperature products to your business. Download the brochure here, or visit our web pages for more information.

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FAFNIR Product Highlights

Product Highlights

Temperature: Typically, measuring temperature can be intrusive, with the sensors needing to reach into the application area; a real issue with a small pipe diameter and potential hygiene risks. FAFNIR present a temperature sensor which measures the contents externally.

Pressure: Measuring pressure is one of the most common measurement applications in process technology, however rarely is one process exactly like another. FAFNIR has designed customer-specific solutions with highly standardized components and processes with exceptional flexibility.

For more information, please contact:

Natasha Bellson Marketing Communications Manager
+44 (0) 7891 442 921