E10 Special Water Float

For Reliable Water Detection!

For some time now, E10 has been in use in many different countries. As bioethanol bonds with water, mixtures will be appearing in the storage tanks which did not occur in the case of the previous fuels with a maximum content of 5% ethanol. We recommend the use of our special water float for E10 to secure a safe detection of water in these types of fuels as well.

The standard water float now installed in existing systems can be replaced with the water fl oat for E10, i.e. whilst the necessary steps for the UST allocation are taken on site. The Special Water Float E10 from FAFNIR is available as of now under the article number 908483.

For new sites and future orders we need your input when a tank is filled with E10 fuels. You will receive the correct probes as usual: ready for install, calibrated and 100% tested.

If applicable, remember to adapt the quality coding in your overfill prevention sensors as well. FAFNIR offers for this application the Flange Plug Insert "N" for Neutral product recognition (article number 903833; Typ FP 901 ASS K).