Laboratory: problem of small tanks

Our products are designed for small tanks such as glass bottles. The TORRIX range of products are successfully used in pilot plants and prototype plants. TORRIX 6, with its probe diameter of 6 mm and a float diameter of 27 mm is ideal for these applications and in contrast with many other sensors, the TORRIX measures in the upper and lower areas without dead zones with the start point only defined by the floater. TORRIX is also ideal where there the liquid is changed regularly as no adjustment to the type of tank or the liquid is necessary. The LS 300 level detector has a minimum installation dimension of 3 mm and the possibility to mount its electronics remotely makes it versatile in its application.

More time for the essentials

We control the levels of the solvents and chemicals in in your lab, so that you can focus on your work. Our products measure, manage and control your liquid inventory, waste and media.

The measurement of liquid levels in solvents, acids and alkalis is a standard for us as well as measurement at high temperatures or under high pressure. In addition, our sensors measure both in small laboratory bottles as well as in large tanks offering complete laboratory control. We offer a complete monitoring solution for the solvents in your HPLC system and therefore a complete solution for level measurement and liquid management in your lab.

From the waste container to the entire laboratory, no job is too small or too large for our sensors. For all supported container sizes we offer the same outstanding level measurement technology.


Liquid level control for decentralised systems

The inventory of your solvents and chemicals at a glance

FAFNIR's LOGI system offers comprehensive monitoring of media in the laboratory is your total solution for all aspects of level gauging and liquid management and offers total liquid and chemical monitoring.

The FAFNIR LOGI-X system has all essential functions, such as the visual representation of liquids, alarm emails and alarm reports. FAFNIR sensors have a  liquid level control measure with high precision, e. g. in solvents, acids and alkaline solutions.


  • Tank storage
  • Solvent storage
  • Waste containers
  • HPLC