Energy Production

Energy Production

For reliable electricity production

Our TORRIX level sensor is ideal for continuous level measurement in storage tanks of emergency generators or portable generators as it is easy to install and does not need to be adjusted to the container. To prevent overfilling or provide a tank empty indication, our reliable level switches 76 A with NB 220 or LS 300 with LS 500 can be used. Additionally, diesel tanks and portable tanks can be reliably monitored with the FAFNIR Technology. Therefore we have equipped our LS 300 with an industry standard connector D 28, so switching the container or tank becomes very easy.

Our sensors can also be used in power plants e. g. for monitoring the cooling water.

FAFNIR Process Technology Products at a Glance

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Universal, easy to use and field proven solutions for your level measurement:

  • Individual Support and personal contact, regardless of application size or complexity.
  • Easy to install, reliable sensors
  • Solutions for difficult installation conditions
  • Solutions for extreme process conditions

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