Storage tanks

Storage tanks

For reliable level monitoring

Job safety and safety management start at the plant design. We have been developing high-quality solutions for many years to monitor and display liquid levels in storage tanks, whether you want detect an empty tank, prevent overfilling or want to the exact level of the liquid, we have a solution for you.

Our solutions can be installed in conjunction with a higher level PLC or as a stand-alone version with the UM-X. If your tank is in a safety sump, we can monitor them with our level switches allowing you to be notified of a leak in your tank. Our solutions can be adapted to almost any storage tanks and containers, such as retention ponds or waste containers.

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Universal, easy to use and field proven solutions for your level measurement:

  • Individual Support and personal contact, regardless of application size or complexity.
  • Easy to install, reliable sensors
  • Solutions for difficult installation conditions
  • Solutions for extreme process conditions

Process Automation

Process Technology

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