Insite360: Wet Stock Management Services

A full solution for your wetstock management needs

Insite360 is a service giving you full visibility and control of your valuable wetstock, designed to enhance forecourt profitability and reduce risk.

Offering unrivalled levels of flexibility, uptime and enhanced security; Insite360 maximises business profitability by identifying and reducing any variance in your network.

Insite360 can be tailored to suit your needs or available as a self-service solution.

Control Wetstock

Monitor Dispenser Meters

  • Monitor and reduce over-dispensing
  • Ensure compliance by monitoring under dispensing

Theft Detection

  • Real time theft detection

Accurate Delivery

  • Receive short delivery notifications
  • Effectively manage reconciliation
  • Trend and analyse all wetstock delivery chain data

Prevent Leaks & Reduce Environmental Risk

Rapid Leak Detection

  • Detect leaks with real-time fuel variance and leak test data
  • Avoid costly clean-ups, third party damage claims and fines

Alarm Monitoring & Management

  • Real-time notification from environmental and other alarms
  • Individual fuel dispenser analysis

Optimise Operations


  • Collect real-time tank inventory data on demand
  • Plan deliveries for optimal site inventory
  • Gain visaibility of an audit trail across the network

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Automatic tank gauge
Wetstock management service
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