Condensate Separator

For Vapor Recovery System

The condensate separator is designed for fuel dispensers to be retrofitted with a decentralized active-vapour-recovery-system. The condensate separator collects large quantities of condensate and converts it back into a gaseous state. It has been developed to fulfil the requirements of vapour recovery systems at gas stations.

The application of the condensate separator will prolong the operational life of pumps and improve the smooth running of the equipment. A condensate separator should be a part of every vapour recovery system.

FAFNIR Process Technology

Officially certified

Fulfils all requirements of the 21st BImSchV (German Federal Emissions Protection Ordinance), has ATEX approval for Zone 0 and is certified by TÜV

Stable long term

No mechanically moving parts and maintenance-free because self-testing

Versatile utilisation

Independent of type of vapour recovery system and retrofittable for all commonly used dispensers

Simple start-up

Simple start-up and retrofitting

Equipment Type
Vapor recovery monitoring

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