Application Examples

Below are examples of where the TORRIX is being used successfully:

FAFNIR Process Technology

System with toxic chemicals

The TORRIX can be welded gas tight with any flange and reduce the potential for leaks in your system less. This allows TORRIX be used in processes with hazardous fluids such as ammonia.

FAFNIR Process Technology

Highly accurate measurement, ideal for dispensing volume

With an accuracy of up to 0.3 mm, TORRIX can be used for precise level measurement allowing leak detection in small storage tanks. In combination with a metering valve, the liquid level measurement feature can also be used to fill a well-defined volume in a process tank. Depending on the geometry of the tank, the accuracy with a filling volume of 100 ml is as low as 2%. Such is the accuracy of TORRIX, it can also be used in a calibration rig to check the accuracy of other level sensors.

FAFNIR Process Technology

Bypass applications with magnetic level indicator

In magnetic level indicator applications, the magnetic indicators are actuated by the magnetic field of a float in the interior of the bypass. The magnetic field of this float can also be measured by a TORRIX which is mounted on the exterior of the bypass. The TORRIX can therefore measure the level without media contact and without additional intervention in the process tank. Many magnetic level gauges can be retrofitted with a TORRIX.

FAFNIR Process Technology

LPG and other pressurized tanks

With the LPG BUNA float installation kit, TORRIX can also measure the contents of an LPG tank. The sensor is not fitted to the pressurised space (zone) in the tank which means that the fitment of a sensor is possible without opening the tank. Level measurement by TORRIX is performed independently from the manufacturer installed sensor. The principle of the installation kit is not only suitable for LPG, but for all pressurised tanks