Application Examples

Below are examples of where the LS 300 and 76A are being used successfully:

FAFNIR Process Technology

Overfill Prevention

The FAFNIR overfill prevention solutions can be used in all storage containers. Whether it's a storage tank with a volume of over 1,000 litres, or several smaller containers, Fafnir has the appropriate overfill prevention.

For hazardous liquids our LS 300 with the LS 500 is used. For non-hazardous liquids (the 76 A comes with the NB 220.

FAFNIR Process Technology

Pilot plant and prototype systems

The LS300 with its probe diameter of 3 mm is ideal for use in the small glass containers used in pilot plants and prototype systems. Unlike other sensors, the LS 300 requires little space to install, has a lightweight head to minimise tipping and can have its electronics separately mounted in a cabinet.

FAFNIR Process Technology

Tank Arm During Filling

Additionally, the LS 300 overfill sensor is suited perfectly for use as a fill limiter or as an additional safety device used in combination with a flow measurement device for automatic filling of tankers or other large containers. The sensor is as flexible as the tank arm, requires little space, has a lightweight head and can have its electronics separately mounted, there is no need to build your system around a sensor, but instead the sensor can be built around your application.

FAFNIR Process Technology

Mobile equipment and containers

Mobile tanks that are used for example for electricity generators have to be monitored from a size of 1000 litres. Since these are often transported separately and then connected locally to the appropriate consumers, FAFNIR has developed an overfill prevention with an easy-to-use D 28 industrial connector. The unit detects not only whether there is an overflow, but also via a second relay determines if the sensor is connected properly.

FAFNIR Process Technology

Dry-running protection

In applications where the level may fall below a minimum, our Level Sensors are also used for low level control. Here, they can even be used in confined or difficult installation conditions. For hazardous liquids, the LS 300 is used, for non-hazardous the 76 is used.

FAFNIR Process Technology


For security, many containers from a 1 litre bottle in the safety cabinet up to free-standing, large containers are placed in sumps. This is done to prevent escape of liquid into the environment in the event of a bottle breakage or leakage of liquid. A potential risk with this application is evaporation of the liquid causing an explosive atmosphere. By monitoring the tub with the LS 300 in combination with the LS 500, you will be informed of the escape of fluids.