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A range of VISY Accessories are available including VISY-RFT Installation Kit, RF-Meter and RFT Cable. For more accessories click the links


Solution for the continual monitoring of the oil layer and the content of sludge of oil separators.

Condensate Separator

The condensate separator is designed to protect vapour pumps in vapour recovery systems. Condensate is converted into the gaseous state. This has a positive effect on the lifetime of the vapour pumps.

Density Measurement

VISY-Density determines the density of fuels. It can be mounted on the VISY-Stick Advanced, eliminating the need for an additional sensor.

Insite360: Wet Stock Management Services

Giving you full visibility and control of your valuable wetstock. Insite360 maximises business profitability by identifying and reducing any variance in your network.

LPG Level Sensors | Tank Level Sensors

VISY-Stick LPG is specially made to provide level-information in LPG-tanks. Optional: We have two LPG Level Sensors, VISY-Stick LPG which provides information about the fill levels in LPG tanks and LPG adjustable installation kit.

Measurement Analysis Unit

The VISY-Measurement Analysis Unit incorporates the VISY-Command, The VISY-Command GUI and the VISY-View Touch

Overfill Prevention Valves and Limit Switch

The filling safety device prevents overfilling of storage tanks and bunker tanks when they are filled by tank trucks with petrol, diesel and heating oils.

Plugs Typ FP 903 / 907 ASS K

The filling hose safety device ASS monitors the correct connection of the filling hose to such tanks. The FAFNIR QSS/ASS solutions consist of a plug on the tank and a coupling on the road tanker.


SECON-X enables data collection using a universal data platform for the fuelling station, with the option of remote access via any web enabled device.

SEPARIX Water Leak Detection

The SEPARIX system is the ideal alarm system for oil separator systems to warn the operators of the danger of sewage pollution by oil and gasoline.

Tank Level Gauging & Tank Level Sensors

Environmental sensors are specially made to monitor manholes, sumps below the dispenser, and double-wall tanks.

Testing Device ME 6

Testing device to verify functionality of Overfill Prevention system.


The most versatile fuel level sensors in our range, it is easy to install and reliable throughout its lifetime. With an accuracy of up to ± 0.3 mm, the TORRIX Range is among the very best in its class.

Vaporix | Vapour Recovery

The automatic monitoring system provides information on the functional state of the active vapour recovery for serving and protecting people and environment.

VIMS - Vacuum Interstice Monitoring System

VIMS is the smart solution for leak detection and leak prevention for double walled pipes and tanks. A leak in either of the walls will be detected before any product can enter the environment.

Visy Technology Systems

The VISY-X system supplies not only level information of tanks, but also features a range of components from the field of environmental sensors improving cost efficiency and logistics.


VISY-Input is an input module with eight inputs combining external alarm outputs with the highly precise tank content measurement system VISY-X.


VISY-Output is a relay output module with eight outputs. It combines the highly precise tank content measurement system VISY-X with external safety devices for alarm indicators.


VISY-Stick is a fill level and environmental sensor which is especially suitable for use in monitoring quantities and leakage.

VISY-Stick Advanced

VISY-Stick Advanced is a level sensor of the highest precision and which is also suitable for detecting leakages in the tank and measuring density.

VISY-Stick Flex for Tall Tanks

VISY-Stick Flex is a level and environmental sensor designed especially for use in large storage tanks.

VISY-TD Display

The VISY-TD Display (Truck Driver Display) is an optional part of the VISY-X system designed to provide the fuel delivery truck driver with the most up to date information about the tanks.

VPI: VISY-Power Interface

The VISY Power Interface (VPI) is the communications interface between the sensor and a higher-level system (master).

Wireless Tank Gauging System | Tank Level Indicator

Mounted in the manhole shaft the VISY-RFT wirelessly sends the tank data recorded by the tank content sensors VISY-Stick to the measurement analysis VISY-Command RF