The universal data platform with web interface

SECON-X is a new product line from FAFNIR, which is used for data collection. It is a universal data platform for the filling station, with the option of remote access via web interface. SECON-Vap is a part of the product line SECON-X and is used for evaluation and visualisation for the VAPORIX system.

The globally established VAPORIX system from FAFNIR monitors and evaluates the vapour recovery function at the fuel pumps. The TFT colour screen of the SECON system at the forecourt displays the status of the VAPORIX system.

All functions are accessible using the touch screen user interface. The SECON-Vap displays the status of the vapour recovery and of the VAPORIX system at the filling station.

SECON-Vap is connected with the measurement evaluation units of the VAPORIX system at all fuel pumps and can provide an optical and acoustic signal if there is a disturbance at any one fuelling point.

The contractor can be informed immediately with all necessary information to troubleshoot successfully. The local SECON system can be requested using a secure connection via the Internet and the status can also be transmitted to any location for display. This means that the operator can be informed remotely about the status of his stations in real time.

SECON-X Product Brochure