FAFNIR Launches New Systems !

Automatic Tank Gauging systems supplier FAFNIR has launched two new products in South Africa: new VISY-Command GUI and a VISY-Stick Flex.

The new products were launched in May 2010 by ColVic, the southern African FAFNIR distributor, supported by FAFNIR Business Development Director Wolfgang Pein, who is globally responsible for new FAFNIR business. Mr Pein said that the new products were in line with the market-led FAFNIR approach which aims to produce quality engineered sensor products to match the changing needs of customers in the fuel and petrochemical industries.

“The new VISY-Command GUI includes a graphical user interface which enables the user to monitor tank contents at a glance without the need for a support PC, making it cost-effective and user-friendly.

“Our second new product: VISY-Stick Flex is a flexible tank probe up to 10 m long which is designed for use in vertical bulk storage tanks where traditional rigid probes of this length are prone to damage during transportation and installation.”

The VISY-Stick Flex level sensor can be rolled up for convenient transportation and does not need to be unrolled until the time of installation. It offers the same reliability and quality, and ease-of-use and calibration of as all the proven FAFNIR VISY-Stick level sensors. The maintenance-free VISY-Stick is simple to install and set up and can be fully integrated into the VISY-X System. It makes the simultaneous measurement of product and water levels possible, with up to 50 measurements per second.

Mr Pein said that the new products were part of a pipeline of FAFNIR products which would be brought to market in the coming months and years. “Although our new owner, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, has similar products to us, it recognises the value of having access to market through a company which is flexible and able to meet the needs of customers in fuel and petrochemical storage.

He said that FAFNIR would continue to market its products globally through distributors such as ColVic, which currently installs and maintains the FAFNIR systems in Africa.

ColVic marketing director Mike Welman said the developments at FAFNIR underlined the value of the relationship to his company. “As the supplier of packaged solutions for every aspect of fuel and petrochemical storage in South Africa, ColVic values FAFNIR ís maintenance-free product range and ongoing product development as an important part of our offering that keeps us at the cutting edge,” Mr Welman said.