Continuous Level Measurement Sensor for electrically conductive liquids

Continuous Level Measurement Sensor for electrically conductive liquids The new CONDURIX sensor from FAFNIR supplies information on filling levels of tanks. As a continuous level measurement or separating layer measurement it creates quality assurance and safety in the process.

Application and Function

The sensor CONDURIX is especially designed for use in continuous filling level measurement or continuous separating layer coverage in all electrically conductive liquids of ≥1 µS/cm. The sensor works according to the potentiometric measuring principle. By means of the micro-controlled sensor electronics the current impulses are transmitted through the sensor electrode which is electrically insulated from the tank or external tube. This leads to a linear voltage drop on its electrical resistance. If the sensor electrode is dipped into a conductive liquid (≥ 1 mS cm) an electrical connection to the environment is created. The electrical potential is proportional to the filling level and is measured via a counterelectrode or the tank wall. In order for the input resistance of the measuring electronics to be big enough compared to the electrical resistance of the medium the conductivity of the liquids has to be ≥ 1 mS cm. Advantages of FAFNIR’s technology CONDURIX has a 2-wire terminal (4-20mA). One of its biggest assets are the extremely short measuring times in the milli-second range. The measuring precision is better than ±1 mm. The measuring range is freely adjustable for the total probe length and the measuring result is independent of pressure, temperature and density. Above all CONDURIX is robust, durable and maintenance-free because the sensor does not contain any moving parts. CONDURIX is also available with a HART-protocol. Installation and measuring lengths are custom-made. The probes are equipped with corresponding process connections for each tank.