SEPARIX Price Adjustments as of 01.January.2022


Dear Customers and Business Partners,

Owing to the ongoing situation on the raw materials market, we have been notified of further price adjustments from our suppliers for the raw materials we use.

In the meantime, the situation has come to such a point that we are no longer able to compensate for these cost increases and must raise our prices for the SEPARIX product range by 8.7 percent as of 01 January 2022.

Orders with usual quantities and within usual delivery times will still be confirmed at the previous prices.

The supply situation is likely to remain tight in 2022 and to vary greatly depending on the material group. We will be happy to support you in examining alternative solutions.

We will continue to work on the supply security with all urgency and highest commitment and keep you informed. Despite the unpleasant development, we hope to be able to continue supplying you and thank you for your understanding.