FAFNIR and 3A WASSERTECHNIK – Strategic partnership


We are extremely pleased to notify that our COMS (Continuous Oil separator Monitoring System) is now connected to 3A WASSERTECHNIK’s ABKW separator 3A-rhombic. This integration provides the customer with the opportunity to eliminate the visual monthly self-checks required on their Oil-Separator in petrol stations. COMS continuously measures the oil layer thickness and sludge height and provides real-time data at your site, PC, smartphone etc.

Our COMS system has been recognized by several Governmental bodies (such as Bavarian state office for the environment, Federal and State working group on Environmental Protection (BLAK UmwS) and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism) as a technical possibility to be installed in existing light liquid separator systems and as a possible equivalent for controls carried out by an expert according to abZ or DIN1999-100.

Please click here to find more information about the integration or contact us at marketing@fafnir.de

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