76 A with NB 220

The ideal level detector solution for overfill prevention of your tanks for water polluting liquids. There is also an option of connecting acoustic or optic signals directly to the transducer.


This two-tube probe is most suitable for non-conductive tanks. However, it is often used in conductive tanks, since the second tube gives you more stability in large tanks.


The CONDURIX Lab product range is best suited for measuring the level of conductive liquids in laboratory bottles, waste containers or reactors.


The coaxial probe, where the measuring tube is surrounded by a grounded larger tube, it is ideally suited for non-conductive containers such as glass containers in pilot plants or any other small tank.


Due to the small sensor head and the diameter of only 6 mm, you can use the CONDURIX almost anywhere. The sensor even functions in highly viscous liquids.


Even in sticky or dirty liquids, this potentiometric sensor delivers reliable information about the level in the tank, you can use the CONDURIX almost anywhere.


High pressure connection housing for TORRIX and CONDURIX

LOF with LOF 500

Designed to prevent the overfilling of tanks and process containers. In the handling of water-polluting liquids, this fibre optic sensor is an indispensable component for environmental protection.

LOGI-X System

Offering comprehensive monitoring of media in the laboratory LOGI-X is your total solution for all aspects of level gauging and liquid management and offers total liquid and chemical monitoring.

LS 300 with LS 500

With our thermal limit switch, the overfilling of tanks and process containers is prevented. This overfill prevention device is an indispensable component for environmental protection. ATEX approved


The most versatile fuel level sensors in our range, it is easy to install and reliable throughout its lifetime. With an accuracy of up to ± 0.3 mm, the TORRIX Range is among the very best in its class.

TORRIX / UM-O Standard

Continuous level measurement with ATEX fulfilling the requirements of the German Water Resources Act (WHG). You save space and money, as you don’t need an additional overfill prevention device


TORRIX 6, with its probe diameter of only 6 mm and a float diameter of only 27 mm, is ideal for applications with smaller tanks.


The best solution for level gauging in barrels stored in safety cabinets with little head space.


The ideal sensor for level measurement in tanks with magnetic level indicators. It picks up the magnetic field and delivers the level inside the bypass without any contact with the liquid.


The TORRIX Lab product range is made for applications with limited space and valuable liquids such as laboratory bottles, waste containers and containers in safety cabinets.

TORRIX M12 6S / 6B

Our TORRIX for applications with small openings and limited internal space.


The TORRIX M12 90s sensor head bends by 90° so it is the best match for level measurement in barrels stored under a table or in safety cabinets.


The flexible probe provides our reliable magnetostrictive technology for use in tall tanks up to 22 meters and for tanks with limited space above the opening.


The best solution when it comes to level gauging of liquids installed in tanks that are subject to vibrations.

TORRIX M12 Standard

TORRIX M12 is ideally suited for measuring in all non-adhesive liquids and almost all tank geometries. With its compact housing and many options, it can be specified to fully meet the requirements of the application

TORRIX Standard

TORRIX is ideally suited for measuring in all non-adhesive liquids and almost all tank geometries. There is no need to adjust the sensor to the liquid or the shape of the tank.

UM-X Transducer

Offering a convenient, stand-alone display for your level measurement. It has five relay outputs, all of which have freely configurable switching thresholds.