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Oil and Gas Sensors

Oil and Gas Sensors

For reliable level measurement

Our level sensors in the TORRIX series are used in various tanks in the oil and gas industry. The TORRIX is approved for ATEX Zone 0. The thermal level switch 76 A with the NB 200 and LS 300 with LS 500 (ATEX) for flammable, non-flammable and water hazardous substances are used as overfill prevention devices in many storage containers.

Individual filling levels can be visualised with our field display unit UM-X. The integrated relay contacts can perform various switching functions. In conjunction with the TORRIX level sensor the UM-O fulfils the requirements of the German Water Resources Act (WHG), providing an overfill prevention and a continuous level sensor in one device.

For separation layer measurements the TORRIX can be equipped with two floats. The separation layer measurement is extremely reliable, even if an emulsion is present at the separation layer. The output signal is provided via HART® protocol.

Typical applications for FAFNIR products:

Tank farms
Separation layer measurement
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Tank Trucks Tankers
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