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Process Technology Sensors

FAFNIR Process Technology

Universal, easy to use solutions for level measurement

FAFNIR is your partner for universal, easy to install and easy use solutions for level measurement. With over 45 years of experience in the process market we have developed sensors for almost any kind of tank geometries.

We offer our customers everything from standard sensors to bespoke solutions in chemical and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, water and waste water treatment and mechanical engineering applications.
FAFNIR Process Technology Products at a Glance
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TORRIX Magnetostrictive Level Sensor Product details
CONDURIX Potentiometric Level Sensor Product details
PRESSURIX Pressure Sensors Product details
TEMPERIX Temperature Sensors Product details
LS 300 / LS 500 Thermal Level Switch Product details
LOF Optical Level Switch Product details
UM-X Transducer Product details

Universal, easy to use and field proven solutions
for your level measurement:

Individual Support and personal contact,
regardless of application size or complexity.
Easy to install, reliable sensors
Solutions for difficult installation conditions
Solutions for extreme process conditions
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