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Pressure Sensors and Pressure Transmitters

Leading pressure measurement for the process industry

Measuring pressure is one of the most common measurement applications in process technology, however rarely is one process exactly like another and, therefore customized solutions are often superior to off the shelf products when it comes to accuracy and safety. These solutions are generally less cost effective and time efficient.

FAFNIR has designed customer-specific solutions with highly standardized components and processes with exceptional flexibility to ensure each process and OEM applications pressure measurement needs are met.

In the complex Process environment of today, Fafnir recognize our customers need a full solution from one trusted supplier, to fulfill even the most complex of Process measurement requirements. FAFNIR are therefore pleased to introduce a new range of pressure sensors and transmitters, which means we are now able to offer level, pressure and temperature sensors for an extensive range of applications across multiple industries.

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Accurately measure pressure in multiple environments

  • Modular pressure transmitter (2-wire technology, 4…20 mA,
    optionally with HART)
  • Convenient plug ‘n’ play technology
  • Multi-function display


Pressure transmitter for use in tough environments

  • Output signal: 4...20 mA Compact Stainless steel housing
  • Convenient plug ‘n’ play technology
  • High variety on process connections


The most economic, digital pressure measurement solution

  • Digital pressure transmitter
  • Measuring ranges 0…1 up to 0…600 bar, -1…0 up to -1…15 bar
  • Accuracy ≤ 0.5 %


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