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level detector

76 A with NB 220

Thermal overfill prevention device, fulfilling the
requirements of the German Water Resources Act (WHG)

Easy to use and reliable
The ideal level detector solution for overfill prevention of your tanks for water polluting liquids. With its easy installation and the option of connecting acoustic or optic signals directly to the transducer, the overfill prevention has proven its reliability for years.
Field of application | 76 A with NB 220 Thermal Overfill Prevention

Easy to get started

Easy installation with a 2-wire terminal to the transducer, fitted independent of polarity. The sensor requires no maintenance after the installation, therefore there are also hidden costs!


There is no abrasion since there are no moving parts. A long life time is guaranteed with consistent reliability.


Various fields of applications: Applications examples Info

Highly dependable:

The overfill prevention device fulfils the requirements of the German Water Resources Act (WHG).

Installed and tested in the following applications:

Full notifications in fuel oil tanks, day oil tanks, tall tanks, oil containers, sumps
or bottles.

Information Sheet

Overfill Prevention 76 A with NB 220

76 A mit NB 220 in brief

InfoReliability proven over 45 years
InfoApproved as overfill prevention device
InfoNo moving parts
InfoEasy installation
InfoPermanent self-testing
of the sensors
InfoOur best solution for containers containing water polluting liquid.
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