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Automatic monitoring for active vapor recovery


Safety Environmental Controller Network

SECON-X is a newly developed product line from FAFNIR which enables data collection using a universal data platform for the fuelling station, with the option of remote access via any web enabled device.

SECON-Vap has been additionally developed as an extension of the globally established VAPORIX system to enable evaluation and visualisation of the petrol vapour recovery rate. The TFT colour screen of the SECON system on the forecourt, displays the status of the VAPORIX vapour recovery system.
All functions are accessible using the touch screen user interface.

SECON-Lev provides visual representation of all tank levels and alarms. Quickly identify a leak, low stock and check delivery data without being onsite to read the automatic tank gauge. SECON-Lev enables full visibility of wet stock, anytime anywhere via secure VPN access.

Download SECON-X information sheet for more information
or contact us via email or telephone.
SECON-X Features & Benefits:

Anytime, Anywhere

  • Access your data, world-world in real time
  • Local and global data storage
  • At least 10 years of storage capacity locally
  • Universal data format for processing on all current operating and ERP systems

Convenient & Secure:

  • Provides an optical and acoustic signal if there is a disturbance
    at any one fuelling point
  • Service and maintenance planning is possible on the basis of data analysis
  • The most up-to-date security technology for your data
  • Set company-specific access rights to ensure security of your data
  • Multi-lingual Graphic User Interface

Minimal Downtime:

  • Remote diagnostics for optimising the service uses
  • Avoid down time due to automatic alarm notification
  • Service contractor can be informed immediately with all necessary information to troubleshoot successfully

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