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Overfill Prevention Device

Standalone Overfill Prevention

FAFNIR have an overfill prevention solution for all tanks on a petrol station, underground and aboveground

  • If you need a solution for an Ad blue tank, fresh or used motor oil tank, LPG or LNG plus multiple other liquid storage tanks, FAFNIR have a solution.
  • Solutions for underground storage containers, an IBC container
    or even a small 10L barrel.
  • High or low level alarm, ATEX approval required or not, again
    FAFNIR has a solution.
Product Highlights

‘Quick & Concise

  • Easy installation with a 2-wire terminal to the transducer, fitted independent of polarity
  • The overfill sensor requires no maintenance after installation;
    no hidden costs
  • No on-site calibration required
  • Self-testing sensors


  • With no moving parts, the FAFNIR Overfill prevention 76A & NB 220
    boast excellent life expectancy and leading reliability
  • Space-saving, robust and
    corrosion-free design
  • Versatile

    Various fields of applications: Applications examples Info

Tried and tested

  • Tall tanks
  • Oil containers
  • Sumps
  • Choose for non ATEX Application the 76/NB220
  • Choose for ATEX Application the LS300/LS50
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