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Standalone level measurement

Standalone Level Measurement Solution

FAFNIR have a level measurement solution for all tanks
on a petrol station, underground and aboveground

  • If you need a solution for an Ad blue tank, fresh or used motor oil tank,
    LPG or LNG plus multiple other liquid storage tanks, FAFNIR has a solution.
  • Level control solutions for underground storage containers, an IBC container or even a small 10L barrel.
  •  High or low level alarm, ATEX approval required or not, again
    FAFNIR have a solution.
Product Highlights


  • The TORRIX with the UM-X is the ideal solution for one tank, where a complete VISY-System is too advance
  • Technology known form the VISY-stick: The TORRIX provides the same quality, the same measurement principle and the same features and benefits as VISY STICK
  • Easy to install; easy to use.
  • TORRIX with provides accurate level measurement across all stored liquids, saving you time and enabling you to plan ahead for even the most challenging application


  • Simple to field-calibrate and field-test; no additional calibration equipment required
  • The UM-X In field housing with IP64 protections offers A convenient, Standalone display for your level measurement


Various fields of applications:
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