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FAFNIR Overfill Prevention and Level Measuremenent

FAFNIR Overfill Prevention

Protect Your Business and the Environment

The protection of your business and the environment is key to us. That is why FAFNIR have developed an easy to use, reliable overfill prevention system to prevent overfilling of tanks and process containers.

This indispensable safety device is an component for environmental protection when handling water-polluting liquids. The FAFNIR overfill prevention systems consists of a sensor installed inside the tank and a transducer with alarm system and an output relay, outside of the container.

FAFNIR Overfill Prevention Products at a Glance
FAFNIR Sensors and Systems
76 / NB 220 Overfill Prevention
with Approval to WHG
Product details
LS 300 / 500 Overfill Prevention with ATEX and
Approval to WHG
Product details
TORRIX / UM-O Continuous Level Measurement
with ATEX and Approval to WHG
Product details

Reliable, easy to use, universal solutions for your level measurement applications

Individual advice from a personal contact, regardless of order size .
Reliable sensors that last a long time and are easy to install
Solutions for difficult installation conditions
Solutions for extreme process conditions
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