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End-Of-Life Notification LS 500 19“

Due to discontinued components of our transducers type LS 500 19" / LS 500 19" DUO we need to eliminate these products from our portfolio.

 LS 500

This affects the following products/part numbers:

230 VDC

  • 904884                 LS 500 19“
  • 904914                 LS 500 19“ S
  • 904945                 LS 500 19“ Z
  • 905096                 LS 500 19“ T
  • 905157                 LS 500 19“ TS
  • 904976                 LS 500 19“ Duo

24 VDC

  • 904891                 LS 500 19“
  • 904895                 LS 500 19“ AK5
  • 904921                 LS 500 19“ S
  • 904952                 LS 500 19“ Z
  • 905102                 LS 500 19“ T
  • 905164                 LS 500 19“ TS
  • 904983                 LS 500 19“ Duo

The LS 500 19" and LS 500 19" DUO will be replaced by our LS 500 H and LS 500 H DUO. These transducer offer the same functionality as their predecessor with an additional RS-485 interface for communicating with a superordinate system. The SIL 2 certification is ongoing and expected to be available in the first quarter of 2017. LS 500 H ... is only available with a 24 VDC power supply.

LS500-HIn addition to the above we have replaced the standard version of our LS 500 and LS 500 H, which had only one potential free contact, with the LS 500 S resp. LS 500 H S.

The "S" function offers an additional potential free contact that will switch in case the self-monitoring electronics detect a dysfunction.

Further information regarding the LS 500 ... can be found under following link: http://www.fafnir.de/fafnir/pdf/LS300-500/LS300-LS500-E.pdf


HSSE Installation Guide

HSSE Installation Guide for Petrol Stations

Our new HSSE Installation Guide (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) describes procedures for the safe installation of the VISY-X system at petrol stations.

The main hazards are clearly illustrated and described so that accidents and injuries can be prevented by appropriate measures to ensure a safe working environment.

Download Brochure

HSSE Installationsanleitung für Tankstellen

Automatic level measurement for oil separators

Automatic level measurement for oil separators with the VISY-X system

Automatische Füllstand-Messung für Ölabscheider

Download brochure

FAFNIR GmbH Presents

SECON-X Remote Monitoring Range

FAFNIR GmbH are pleased to announce the availability of the SECON-X; the universal data collection visual platform for the fuelling station with the option of remote access via web interface, comprising of SECON-Lev and SECON-Vap.

SECON-X's intuitive graphic user display presents easily understandable visual representation of a stations wet stock and vapour recovery monitoring status anytime, anywhere via any web enabled device, including mobile and tablet computers

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About SECON-Lev & SECON-Vap

SECON-Lev provides visual representation of all tank levels and alarms. Quickly identify low stock and check delivery data without being onsite to read the automatic tank gauge. SECON-Lev enables full visibility of wet stock, anytime anywhere via secure VPN access.

SECON-Vap is the platform which provides visual display of the FAFNIR's globally established VAPORIX system. The VAPORIX system evaluates the vapour reco­very function at fuel pumps and dispensers. SECON-Vap is connected to the measurement evaluation unit of VAPORIX and provides optical and acoustic alarm if the vapour recovery data leaves the range settings.
FAFNIR manufacture an extensive range of sensors and systems for the petrol station environment including full automatic tank gauging products, level measurement, overfill prevention and safety devise monitoring systems; designed to protect our customers business' and the environment.

Find out more about SECON-X
Find out more about VISY-X
Find out more about VAPORIX

For more information, please contact:

Natasha Bellson
Marketing Communications Manager


+44 (0) 7891 442 921


New Process Automation Products


We have now completed our product offering for industrial tank and commercial applications. Where we in the past only have been able to offer a stand-alone overfill prevention with our unique 76 series, we are now able to offer a new price competitive solution for continuous level measurement with TORRIX C. This new sensor generation also gives us the opportunity to compete in high volume OEM opportunities even if a custom made solution is required.
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We are now offering our TORRIX with RS485 interface. It is the the first TORRIX that is available with an integrated temperature measurement, offering you level, interface level and temperature all in one sensor. It will be available with Modbus as well as with a FAFNIR Protocol. The most interesting feature of the FAFNIR protocol is that the sensor is compatible with existing MTS-installations.
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Pressure & Temperature Sensors 

FAFNIR introduced pressure and temperature sensors in the latest brochure, we hope you took a moment to take a look at these new products via our website or download our new eBrochure:
Pressure Measurement
Temperature Measurement
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