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Lab Sensors

Preparative HPLC

Reducing the risk of fire

With an optional software module our LOGI-X system helps to reduce the fire load that may arise in preparative HPLC systems due to the large volume of solvents. Directly at the HPLC system, a small amount of the solvent is stored in a buffer container. The larger storage containers, however, are kept in a safety cabinet or explosionproof room. Whether your storage containers hold 10 litres or 10,000 litres, or whether the solvent comes from a container underneath your bench or from a central storage room, the arrangement is freely configurable.
The LOGI system takes control of the pumps, monitors the filling level and ensures that the buffer containers are replenished automatically from the storage containers. The optional buffer system for the LOGI-X system enables your system to continue running without interruption because storage containers can be exchanged while the system is still in operation.
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