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Das LOGI-X System

Liquid level control for decentralised systems

The inventory of your solvents
and chemicals at a glance
FAFNIR's LOGI system offers comprehensive monitoring of media in the laboratory is your total solution for all aspects of level gauging and liquid management and offers total liquid and chemical monitoring.
The FAFNIR LOGI-X system has all essential functions, such as the visual representation of liquids, alarm emails and alarm reports. FAFNIR sensors have a  liquid level control measure with high precision, e. g. in solvents, acids and alkaline solutions.

LOGI-Command is the heart of the FAFNIR LOGI system. It supplies information about filling levels and other relevant parameters for all types of laboratory bottles, tanks and containers. With the information delivered by LOGI-Command, it is possible to plan, manage and optimise the supply and disposal of liquids. The LOGICommand GUI contains an intrinsically safe power supply for the FAFNIR level sensors. Various interfaces ensure that it always has access to the latest data.
Advantages of FAFNIR's Technology:

Everything at a glance

Convenient display of your inventory


Flexible due to a modular architecture, easy to upgrade

ATEX Approved

Approved intrinsically safe sensor
power supply

Online Access

Direct access to your inventory data
from a web interface

Multi functional

Control of components, e.g. pumps or valves, by relay outputs

Customer friendly

Easy to install and to setup
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