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CONDURIX potentiometric sensor


Potentiometric Level Sensor

Our best solution for sticky liquids.
Even in sticky or dirty liquids, this potentiometric sensor delivers reliable information about the level in the tank. Due to the small sensor head and the diameter of only 6 mm, you can use the CONDURIX almost anywhere. The level indicator sensor even functions in highly viscous liquids. The CONDURIX can be used in all electrically conductive liquids with a conductance ≥ 1 μS/cm
Field of application | CONDURIX Level Sensor

Just get started

The sensor is very easy to install and to use with no adjustments to the tank or the liquid required.

A solution for interface level measurement

The CONDRUIX level sensor is not only designed for filling level measurement, but also for interface level measurement

CONDURIX level sensor in brief

InfoMeasuring accuracy better than ± 1 %
Info2-wire terminal (4 to 20 mA)
InfoMeasuring result independent of pressure, temperature and density
InfoMeasures filling level or
separation layer
InfoResponse time of 0.2 seconds
InfoUse in all electrically conductive liquids ≥1 μS/cm
InfoRobust design for a long life
InfoMeasuring range freely configurable along the entire probe length
InfoOptional HART®-Protovol
InfoATEX approval for zone 0


Various fields of applications: Applications examples Info

A solution even for difficult installation conditions

Due to the small sensor head and a tube diameter starting at 6 mm, the CONDURIX can be installed almost anywhere.

Ideal for adhesive
and sticky liquids

The CONDRUIX functions even in highly-viscous fluids such as hot ceramic silt or hand cream. Even heavily contaminated liquids, such as waste water have no influence on the measurement.

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